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Video: Russell Westbrook denies yelling Kyrie Irving’s name pregame

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook has already responded to the video that went viral of him hitting a jump shot in warm-ups and then running out the tunnel while appearing to yell out, “Thank you, Kyrie!”

Reporters caught up with Westbrook just before tip-off of the Thunder’s game at home vs. the Timberwolves tonight and asked him point blank what exactly he yelled out.

His response was not NSFW.

A refresher on the full story: Kyrie Irving made the game-winning shot to lift the Cavaliers over the Warriors which made it plausible that Russ would be happy about that result in light of Kevin Durant’s departure from OKC.

Russ’ story makes sense too though and it’s very possible everyone was reading too much into the video. It just happened to make for a better story so who can blame them?

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