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VIDEO: Thunder pull off ridiculous Globetrotter-like passing

The Thunder underwent some major changes this offseason. The biggest part of it? They have become a more pass heavy team. Other than Russell Westbrook, the Thunder do not have any big stars on their team, so ball movement is essential. Billy Donovan and Sam Presti want to play Spurs like basketball. During tonight’s game against the Nets, they are showing that and more.

Victor Oladipo, who has played some point guard in the past, gets the ball into Westbrook’s hands. Westbrook does his point guard magic and gets the ball to Andre Roberson. Hard to tell if we are watching the Oklahoma City Thunder or the Harlem Globetrotters.


Early in the season so far, the Thunder have had great passing with their dynamic back-court and even their passing front-court of Domantas Sabonis and Steven Adams. The only problem OKC seems to have is having is their shots fall consistently.

As soon as the team can get shots to fall more constantly, they will become a real threat.

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