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Vikings’ Anthony Barr will remain at linebacker this season

There was some talk after the Minnesota Vikings re-signed Anthony Barr that he could move from linebacker to defensive end, but Mike Zimmer has shot down that idea.

“He’ll be a linebacker,” Zimmer said via Sid Hartmann of the Star Tribune. “We’re doing a few different things defensively so you’ll get a chance to see how it looks, but we’re going to make a few changes with some of the things schematically just from our offseason study.”

Even though Barr isn’t getting moved to defensive end permanently there is no doubt he will line up there at points. Barr is Mr. do it all for the Vikings defense with Zimmer loving to move him around and that is why it’s so key that Barr decided to back out of his agreement with the New York Jets to come back to the Vikings.

Even with the new big contract in place, Barr says he is playing with an even bigger sense of urgency this season after the team failed to make the playoffs.

“There’s a little more sense of urgency this time around,” Barr said. “Just having a disappointing end to last year, I think guys are more on point and looking forward to practicing at a good pace.”

Barr’s stats don’t always pop off the page, but this is the leader of the Vikings defense and no matter where he lines up, if the Vikings defense is going to have another good year, Barr is going to be a big reason why.