Warpath manages to get the iconic soldiers Marco Rossi and Eri Kasamoto join the front lines of the Warpath army in the latest Warpath Metal Slug 3 collaboration for the real-time strategy game.

New content is arriving at Warpath thanks to its current Metal Slug 3 crossover collaboration event. The new content adds characters Marco Rossi and Eri Kasamoto to the game. The two are arguably the most recognizable characters for the entire Metal Slug series, with Marco appearing since the first game and Eri debuting in Metal Slug 2.

In the collaboration, Marco Rossi comes with the ability to cause devastating damage to the target enemy, making him a force to be reckoned with. A skilled hacker, Marco can also paralyze the opponent's offensive and defensive weapons. Meanwhile, Eri buffs the army she's leading by increasing the troops' combat effectiveness to deliver higher damage. She also debuffs the enemy's hit rate and movement speed, giving her army the ultimate advantage. Finally, the super vehicle SV-001 also makes an appearance, with the base skin for the new unit designed with the Huge Hermit as inspiration.

Apart from the new characters, fans can also enjoy new combat missions, special vehicles, and a special event where players can win cash rewards.

Players can choose between Team Marco Rossi and Team Eri Kasamoto in the Warpath x Metal Slug 3 Collab Special Event, in which players can win plentiful rewards. To win, players will have to increase and contribute to their chosen team's power by completing a series of tasks for a chance to win cash prizes and in-game rewards. Players will have to register for the event to get their progress counted towards the team's points.

Warpath is available as a free-to-play title on PC, iOS, and Android.

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