The Golden State Warriors took care of business on Thursday night, taking down the Sacramento Kings in Game 3 of their NBA Playoffs first-round series, 129-124, to cut down the series deficit to 2-1. The defending champs did it without Draymond Green too, as the former Defensive Player of the Year served his one-game suspension for his foot stomp on Kings star Domantas in Game 2.

Green has now finally broken his silence on his suspension. The Warriors talisman provided an unfiltered statement in a recent episode of his own podcast as he took a blatant swipe at the NBA for their decision to keep him out of that pivotal contest:

I never knew you could be suspended for a Flagrant 2 that happened seven years ago,” Green said. “And I also didn't know you'd get suspended for interacting with a crowd that's flipping you double birds and yelling your name and chants that you suck.”

Green appears to be referencing his highly-controversial suspension from seven years ago during the 2016 NBA Finals. Draymond was suspended in Game 5 of the Finals against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and his absence became a turning point in that series. After going down 1-3, LeBron and Co. made history by coming back from the dead to secure the title that year.

What Draymond Green seems to be saying here is that it's his reputation that has gotten the better of him in terms of the NBA's controversial decision to suspend him.

The 33-year-old then revealed the most difficult part of this whole ordeal. Deep down, Green knows that he failed his teammates:

“My fellas was in a dog fight — or is in a dog fight. And just not being able to participate in that dog fight, that's crushing,” Green stated. “Because you just feel like you're leaving them out there by themselves. … So to not participate in that dog fight, that's what bothers me the most.”

The good news for the Warriors is that Dray will be back for Game 4 on Sunday, and you just know that he'll be making up for lost time in that pivotal contest.