Considering how the season started for Draymond Green, it might be wise for him to avoid the spotlight off the court. But laying low is not an approach the heart and soul of the Golden State Warriors is interested in taking. Having a podcast only encourages him to indulge in those mischievous impulses.

Fans know what to expect, however. He is not going to shy away from offering his opinion and perspective of a newsworthy NBA topic, which is exactly what the four-time champion did on the latest episode of The Draymond Green Show when he decided to weigh in on the JJ Redick-Doc Rivers situation.

Redick criticized the Milwaukee Bucks head coach for not taking accountability in press conferences, prompting Patrick Beverley and Austin Rivers to clap back at the former 3-point specialist and current broadcaster/analyst. Green is making sure this is a fair fight by standing beside Redick.

“I agree with JJ,” he said, via ClutchPoints (originally The Volume). “Every interview, it’s another excuse. And that just can’t work. You knew what you were signing up for, Doc!…You can't go make excuses now because you were actually brought in to fix those very things.”

Bucks' Doc Rivers stays in the spotlight

Those comments will be played again multiple times when the Warriors host the Bucks on Wednesday, March 6th. Draymond Green is unlikely to backtrack, though, as he clearly believes Rivers could claim more responsibility when discussing the team's recent inconsistencies.

While a midseason transition is obviously taxing, especially when compounded by injuries, there should be no “buts” uttered when you lose to a severely depleted Memphis Grizzlies squad right before the All-Star break. Although Milwaukee earned back some goodwill with a huge road win over the Minnesota Timberwolves to improve to 4-7 in the Doc Rivers Era, the pressure remains immense.

The longtime NBA head coach will continue to be under the microscope for the rest of the season, with people like Green and Redick paying close attention to his postgame explanations. The best way to avoid further “accountability” criticisms might just be for the Bucks to simply string together enough wins so that the question of blame does not even come up.