Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry followed up his 62-point career-night with a 30-point output against the Sacramento Kings. NBA legend Dwyane Wade was so in awe that asked Curry for some tips for the “old guy.”

Curry's 30-point performance in Golden State's, 137-106, win over the Kings on Tuesday brings his point-tally to 92 points in just 67 minutes of play. After seeing Curry's performance, Wade hit the Dubs star out for some training tips.

Though Wade has been retired since 2019, it looks like he still wants to remain in tiptop shape. He knows the gravity of what Stephen Curry has achieved. Scoring 62 points would leave any player fatigued to the bone. It would've been understandable if he just had a 15-20 point output in limited minutes, esepcially since it was a blowout victory. But Curry showed he has the stamina and endurance of a champion.

It would be interesting to know the reason why Wade wants some tips from the Warriors superstar. Does he really want to stay in tiptop shape? Or is he maintaining his elite form because he's training with his son Zaire?

For those in the loop, a clip of Wade and his son playing a heated 1-on-1 game has been making rounds over the Internet. Wade didn't seem to care that he was playing against his son. The three-time champ went hard on Zaire, trash-talked him, taunted him.  Zaire himself didn't back down and barked right back. Could this be the reason why Wade is looking to improve his workouts?

Peep the clip below to see the tense father-and-son duel.

Back to Stephen Curry and the Warriors, his outbursts are clearly good signs for an allegedly “in touch shape” Golden State squad. At the time of this writing, the Gold and White and Blue (so many colors) are 4-3 on the season.