The Golden State Warriors are well on their way to a playoff run. They are third in the Western Conference with a dominating 47-23 record.

However, a few younger guys on the squad have yet to experience the chaos of the NBA playoffs. The intensity of the postseason tournament is much different than that of the regular season. In light of this, Warriors veteran Klay Thompson has some advice for his younger teammates.

“Every game is important…It's just fun to play every night. So as a playoffs approach, you just got to simplify things and realize it's just a game of basketball. It's something we've all been doing since we were kids, and no matter if the stakes are higher, it's still a game we're all very familiar with and do very well. So you don't need any extra pressure on yourself because if you just believe in yourself and your abilities, the greatness will reveal itself. Especially come playoff time.”

The Warriors shooting guard is no stranger to the NBA playoffs. Thompson has played in 123 NBA playoff games since he was drafted in 2011 and won three championships. In these games, he averaged 19.3 points, 2.2 assists, and 4.0 rebounds (per StatMuse).

For players like James Wiseman, this will be his first time in the postseason tournament. Deep into the season, he has yet to play for the Warriors. Wiseman's long absence and short regular season stretch will likely make his first playoff appearance even more overwhelming.