After Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green boldly declared himself as being the “new media,” Skip Bayless has issued a response. The pair have gone back and forth over social media regarding comments Green made about the Celtics and LeBron James during the NBA Finals, and Bayless has now extended an offer for Green to come onto Undisputed and sit down for a one-on-one debate.

Bayless extended a rather hostile invite to both Green and Richard Jefferson in order to bring them on his show for a live debate. Recent comments made by the current and former NBA stars have clearly rubbed Bayless the wrong way, who went as far as to say “new media, my ass” in response to their remarks.

“I also think I know a good bit about the NBA, and I would love for the members of the ‘new media', Draymond and Richard, to please come into Undisputed, Skype in, Zoom in, whatever you want to do to come in,” said Bayless. “And I need you to please call upon those receipts, and please, to set the record straight, live on national TV, on Undisputed, up against me.”

When mentioning Green's comments that he plans to keep “destroying people on Twitter,” Bayless referred to himself as a sitting duck and invited Green to “come destroy me” in his invitation to bring the Warriors forward onto Undisputed.

It remains to be seen if Green will take the bait and schedule an appearance on the show, but Bayless is doing everything in his power to keep his feud with the Warriors star alive.