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Steve Kerr says dance moves at Stephen Curry’s birthday party fueled by alcohol

steve kerr

The Golden State Warriors threw a surprise birthday party for Stephen Curry and it was quite a hit with quite a handful of viral moments. Among those was Klay Thompson almost spraining his ankle, trying to show off his dance moves. Head coach Steve Kerr wasn’t to be left out either as he was seen going on stage and asking his wife to renew their vows.

But the moment of the night was when Kerr got back in front to drop some sick moves to the beats of the hip-hop band, Migos.

Before Friday night’s game Kerr was asked by Baxter Holmes of ESPN about his dance moves, and the champion coach said the moves were inspired by an old friend.

Steve Kerr on his dance moves at Curry’s 30th birthday party: “They were fueled by a good friend of mine named Mr. Heineken. Mr. Heineken taught me those moves.”

It really shouldn’t be a surprise that Kerr was enjoying a few cold ones, just like the rest of the party goers seemed to be doing because he and the coaching staff decided to cancel Tuesday’s practice, which was good for a couple of reasons.

The players were probably too hungover that the practice wouldn’t do them much good, but also a lot of the players are dealing with injuries, and with the end of the regular season near, it was a good off day to rest their bodies.

The Warriors are going to be really short handed for at least the next couple of weeks. It was just announced that Kevin Durant has an incomplete rib cartilage fracture, and he will be out at least two weeks.