Stephen Curry has been playing some pretty insane basketball of late, and his scorching start to the season reached a whole new level on Wednesday as he dropped a 50-piece all over the Phoenix Suns. It still wasn't enough for the Golden State Warriors, though, as they suffered their 10th loss of the campaign.

ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins seems to know why the Warriors have struggled so mightily to start the season. For Big Perk, it's as clear as day that the Dubs just aren't functioning like a team at the moment:

“They don't have chemistry,” Perkins said. “The chemistry is gone right now. Now, will they get it back? I don't know, but right now, it's not there. If you look at them across the board and watch how they're playing, they're playing a whole bunch of individual basketball. It's not a team anymore. It's guys playing with hidden agendas.”

The fact that Curry's heroics hasn't been enough to get the Warriors out of the deep hole they're currently in speaks volumes of the type of help the GOAT shooter is getting from the rest of the squad — or rather, the undeniable lack thereof.

Perkins then circled back to the offseason incident that involved Draymond Green knocking out Jordan Poole in practice. According to Perk, this has been a lingering issue that even the great Steve Kerr is going to have problems dealing with.

“Steve Kerr pointed it out; he knows that he have issues in the locker room,” Perkins continued. “I've said this before: when the incident happened with Draymond Green and Jordan Poole, that this is gonna be one of the biggest challenges in Steve Kerr's coaching career.”

It feels like something has to change for the Warriors if they want to keep their title defense alive. It's been a brutal stretch for this team, and as Big Perk said, this squad is going to keep on stacking the losses up and until they rediscover their chemistry.