Warzone content creator rushman360 appeared on Call of Duty‘s Twitter page, featuring in an anti-cheat ad where he is shown losing access to his Warzone account.

Rushman360 took to TikTok to share how his device got hardware banned. This means that even if he makes a new account, he still won't be able to join any Warzone matches. Most cheating software nowadays in some way can mask the hardware ID of a player, preventing a hardware ban from happening. However, it seems like a malfunction in rushman360's cheating software caused this to happen, as his hardware ID didn't get masked at all. This allowed Activision to hone in on his hardware and ban him permanently. Activision posted on Twitter rushman360's video as a cautionary tale to players who'd look to cheat in Warzone, but actually, it's not really their anti-cheat software that caught rushman360. It was the cheating software's fault.

However, the ironic part here is how rushman360 used to say a few weeks ago that there's no more cheating in Warzone. Yet, he and players like him can still find new ways to circumvent Raven Software's cheat detection methods. While there are thousands of players getting banned from Warzone every week, most get by just creating a new account. In rushman360's case, it's his hardware that's banned. He can circumvent this, however, by changing devices, or even just parts of his PC. We're sure that we'll see rushman again making new content for Warzone in no time, and we'll continue seeing him utilizing cheats just like before.