Washington Redskins should consider signing Colin Kaepernick for 2019
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Washington Redskins should consider signing Colin Kaepernick for 2019

Colin Kaepernick, Redskins

The biggest story of the NFL offseason thus far was the announcement that the league had settled the collusion case with Colin Kaepernick.

News of the settlement immediately sparked a new round of speculation about whether Kaepernick would play again, and if so where. While many teams have been mentioned, the one that makes the most sense is the Washington Redskins.

The Redskins almost certainly will be without Alex Smith for the entire 2019 season. There’s also a good chance that Smith never plays again at all. The Redskins currently have a massive hole under center and no appealing options. Josh Johnson was a nice story toward the end of last season, but he’s not a realistic option as a long-term starter.

As a result of finishing 7-9, the Redskins also won’t have a high enough first-round pick to get one of the top couple quarterback prospects in this year’s NFL Draft.

Kaepernick threw for 16 touchdowns and just four interceptions during his last year in the league, proving he’s still capable of being a starter in the league. He’d be a vast improvement over what the Redskins got from Colt McCoy, Mark Sanchez, and Johnson after Smith went down last year.

Head coach Jay Gruden’s scheme is best when run by a mobile quarterback, and Kaepernick rushed for 468 yards in just 11 starts during his last year with the 49ers.

With plenty of talent at the skill positions and on defense, Washington is in a position to win now if they had a competent quarterback like Kaepernick. The entire coaching staff will be on the hot seat heading into next season, and they can’t afford to throw away a season on McCoy and Johnson.

The Redskins have a glaring need and are the team that makes the most sense for Kaepernick to jumpstart his career with now that his court case is out of the way. The NFC East is wide open and there for the taking if Washington has a serviceable signal-caller, and there’s absolutely no reason not to kick the tires on Kaepernick and bring him in to compete for the starting job.