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What Lakers would look like if Kobe Bryant came out of retirement

What Lakers would look like if Kobe Bryant came out of retirement

For 20 years in the league, Laker Legend Kobe Bryant has dazzled us with his array of scoring outbursts, impossible shots, and clutch game winners. It was a sad sight for the league and especially the Lakers to see the beloved Hall of Famer hang it all up.

With former Cavalier star LeBron James moving to the Hollywood franchise, there was a rumored buzz around the league about the Black Mamba lacing it up for one more season to join the King to create arguably the best and most decorated tandem in NBA history.

Despite the Bryant camp shooting down and reaffirming their sentiments on Kobe not returning to the hardwood anytime soon, the idea of a possible return of the five-time champion remains burning in each basketball fan’s heart.

Kobe Bryant

In an alternate turn of events, he decides to just give basketball another shot with one of the biggest names in basketball history, how will the LeBron James-led Lakers look with the 18-time All-star out of retirement?

The Good

Not only for the NBA or the Lakers organization, it is assumed that if you pair a name as great as LeBron James with a legend like Kobe Bryant it will cause a global phenomenon. Basketball will be front and center worldwide expecting some the best from a young team with two of the greatest superstars to ever play. With Hollywood as their stage, making this the biggest thing on earth will be a piece of cake.

Kobe Bryant nostalgia run part two will be easily on the way.

Kobe Bryant

On the basketball side of things, Bryant will be a brilliant mentor and example to young studs like Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, and Josh Hart. His impartation to the younger generations will make such an impact that it will reflect as they grow in the league.

The Bad

Kobe Bryant is the ultimate competitor in the NBA that is only second or rival to the one and only Bulls legend Michael Jordan. Bryant being back on his team means it is still his team. Not a knock on LeBron James’ abilities and talent, but Bryant never took a backseat, not even once. Although the age and decline are steadily there, it would be unlikely to start now even at this point in his career.

They may make it seem that James and Bryant are co-leading the team, but for whatever it may seem, the Lakers will always be Kobe’s team.

Kobe Bryant

Playing games is a different discussion. I highly doubt that they would waste this magical year to not compete for a championship. Expect minutes and possessions to be funneled through James and him, which wins them games but stunts the growth of the young Lakers.

It is not all sunshine and rainbows, however. While people should believe whatever they want with Kobe Bryant, there are some obvious negatives worth discussing when it comes to one of the NBA’s best players ever.

The Ugly

At 40-years-old, the legendary Laker would be one of the most tenured players in the league. Incoming his 21st season, with the wear on his body, the injuries that have plagued him, and Father Time to catch up; there is no reason to doubt that we will be witnessing a shell of a remarkable player.

He’ll get the occasional big game once in a blue moon, which would make us feel that he is back, but in reality, despite being on the court it is clear that the Mamba that the league loved is now retired.

LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Lakers

Him leaving a glorious legacy, going back to the league, and leaving it worse than he left it in the first place might just be the ugliest thing in this scenario.


Bryant returning would make the Los Angeles Lakers the most popular sports team on the planet. His return doesn’t exactly do the Lakers favors beyond that.

At this point in time, adding a grizzled battle-worn Kobe Bryant would not actually make them better.

A comeback is not worth it, especially for his legendary legacy and for his Lakers.