With the final DLC of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe being released a few weeks ago, it's not too soon to think about the future of the Mario Kart franchise. The next Mario Kart installment holds immense potential for innovation and excitement, building upon the series' rich history while exploring new frontiers in gaming. Here's a glimpse of what the future Mario Kart game could entail:

Expanded Roster and Tracks: Expect a diverse roster of characters, including classic Nintendo icons and fresh faces. The game might introduce new tracks inspired by a variety of Nintendo franchises, pop culture references, and perhaps even collaborations with other gaming universes. A new Mario Kart game could follow in the path of a game like Mario Super Sluggers in terms of character roster. There'd be over 50 playable racers for players to choose from which brings quite the variety.

Enhanced Gameplay Mechanics, and Maybe Even AR?: Innovation in kart mechanics could redefine racing experiences. Perhaps dynamic track elements, customizable karts with modular parts affecting performance, or expanded use of power-ups, offering new strategic dimensions to races. Leveraging technology like augmented reality (AR) could introduce real-world elements into gameplay. Imagine racing through familiar locations transformed by AR elements or interacting with the environment for unique race experiences. That's what's in store for the future of technology. Why can't the same be said for Mario Kart?

Online and Social Connectivity: Advanced online multiplayer modes with enhanced matchmaking, community-driven features, and engaging social interactions could amplify the competitive and cooperative aspects of Mario Kart. Expect deeper customization options and more robust online tournaments. Everyone loves being able to compete with friends and competitive opponents online. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe already has this feature, so fans can be sure to see this in the next game.

Virtual Reality Integration: With the rise of virtual reality (VR), there might be a potential for a VR-enabled Mario Kart experience, offering players an immersive perspective from behind the wheel of their favorite kart. Think of it like a super advanced version of the steering wheel from Mario Kart Wii.

Story Mode or Expanded Single-Player Content: A narrative-driven single-player experience could further enrich the Mario Kart universe. Quest-based challenges, story-driven campaigns, or expanded adventure modes might add depth to the game beyond traditional racing. Many Mario games have some sort of story to follow. A Mario Kart story could involve Mario traveling around each map while receiving help from friends along the way. It'd be safe to assume Bowser would be the villain

7. Collaborations and Cross-Platform Integration: Collaborations with other gaming franchises or brands could introduce special events, themed content, or exclusive tracks, expanding the game's appeal and creating exciting crossovers. Picture racing as Mario and Luigi against a team made up of Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends. Collaboration and team ups are always a way to improve upon games and draw in new fans.

8. Continued Support and Updates: Regular updates, downloadable content (DLC), and expansions could keep the game fresh, introducing new content, tracks, characters, and challenges to keep players engaged long after its initial release. Thanks to Nintendo Switch Online, the production team will constantly have to be ready to make adjustments and add new updates to the game. Players purchase the game for lasting quality, and Mario Kart games tend to last much longer than most games' shelf life.

9. Environmental Interaction and Dynamic Races: Dynamic weather conditions, track alterations based on player actions, or interactive elements in the environment could create ever-evolving races, adding unpredictability and excitement to every lap. Many maps in current games include water, lava, mud, and more. Each of these maps include their own sort of obstacles, but also opportunities for players while racing. The next Mario Kart game could enhance the environments of each map even more.

 Next-Generation Visuals and Performance: Utilizing the latest hardware capabilities, the game could offer stunning visuals, smooth performance, and intricate details that immerse players in vibrant and detailed race environments. As time continues to pass technology will only continue to develop. Each Mario game continues to beat the last in terms of graphics and visuals. A new Mario Kart game could follow that trend quite well.

The next Mario Kart game has the potential to redefine the kart racing genre, combining innovative gameplay, technological advancements, and a wealth of content to create an unforgettable racing experience for players of all ages. Nintendo usually out does themselves when it comes to new Mario games, so expect the next Mario Kart game to be one of the greatest.

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