Why Ryan Anderson chose to sign with the Rockets
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Why Ryan Anderson chose to sign with the Rockets

Ryan Anderson, James harden

Ryan Anderson has come to an agreement with the Houston Rockets, signing a four-year, $80 million deal.

Anderson explained why he chose that destination, per Mark Berman:

“A big part of Houston’s pitch to me was the fact that guys like Trevor Ariza were getting 200 wide open three-point shots. For me, I haven’t had a wide open three-point shot in a long time.

The reason he’ll be getting those shots? James Harden. From Berman:

“I know that [Harden’s} the best player that I can play around and that’s going to help me and I’m going to help him, he’s somebody that’s going to be able to attack the paint and attract a whole lot of people. Obviously, everybody knows how much of a force he is going to the basket, how talented he is, how dominant he is.”

Berman also reports that Rockets owner Leslie Alexander’s presence at the meeting played a role with Anderson:

‘That was a huge thing for me, to see an owner that committed and that dedicated to the players that he’s recruiting and trying to get,” Anderson said. “I still look at myself as the chubby, little high school kid who nobody’s recruiting to go to college. The dream of the NBA, is just far out of my grasp, and I’m sitting here with the Houston Rockets owner wanting me to come play basketball for him. That to me is just so humbling.”

Head Coach Mike D’Antoni was also key to Anderson’s decision, telling Berman:

“Ever since I’ve seen [D’Antoni’s] system and his style of play I knew that was the style I wanted to play under…He’s a great guy, just a very, very genuine good guy. You don’t run across a lot of coaches like him. He’s very set and secure in what works. He’s real excited with the group that we have because we can really just play a pure style of his form of basketball. I can’t wait to play in this system. I can’t wait to play for Coach D’Antoni. I can’t wait to play with James Harden and company.”

With the New Orleans Pelicans, Anderson averaged two three pointers, 17 points, and six rebounds per game. With teammates like Harden and Ariza demanding attention, Anderson’s three point average and points are bound to increase.

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