No wrestler in AEW history has ever kicked out of the One-Winged Angel; the finisher is considered one of the most protected finishing moves in all of wrestling and has become so ubiquitous that even casual fans know the name of the Kenny Omega move, a name he stole from Final Fantasy 7 villain Sephiroth.

And yet, at RevPro wrestling in England, someone did kick out of the One Winged Angel, though not of their own volition. No, when Will Ospreay, the NJPW star, current RevPro Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion, and IWGP United States Champion, hit the move on Mad Kurt, he purposefully lifted his shoulder off of the mat and then acted mockingly surprised that such a “lethal” move won't end his match. This, understandably, caught the attention of the Omegaman himself, who retweeted the video he was tagged in and delivered the following response to his cross-continental foe.

Now if that, my friends, isn't the wrestling equivalent of slapping another man in front of the face with a glove to challenge him to a duel, then I don't know what is.

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But why would Ospreay do this to Omega? The former AEW champion is currently out of action with a slew of injury-induced surgeries and likely won't return to the ring any time soon after being noticeably absent from Forbidden Door. Why would he take a shot at a man who can't shoot back? Well, probably because Ospreay and Omega have a long-standing feud that dates back years, and the hatred between the two is about as deep-seated as they come.

If Omega and Ospreay wrestle in AEW, it's going to be a straight-up blood bath.

Alright, so before we get too into the weeds, let's look at what Kenny Omega had to say about Will Ospreay via an interview with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful that was dictated by Jeremy Lambert and edited to brevity by yours truly.

“When I left, if I were a betting man, I would have put everything I owned in my name, so couple of retro consoles and five dollars, I would have put that on knowing that Jay White and Will Ospreay were going to be the go-to international talents that they would heavily push… Ospreay, he's doing great in his role, not my thing so much. Jay White, he's become the star that they needed. I can't say one over another, but they do work quite well harmoniously. A guy like Will, who is great at moves and has a list of 20 very forgettable five-star matches. [laughs] I'm going a little too hard on Will. Will is great… I don't want to say anything bad about Will. Here's the thing… with the current rating system, and how things are viewed, I believe that Will has earned every last one of those five-star performances that he has had. Do I think that if you go back into the works of some of the legends, I'm even going to throw my name in the hat, even if you go back to when I was having five-star matches and I was that sort of guy, I just think that the matches from back then were more memorable and as hard as Will is working, he just isn't quite… Will is there and Will is great… I'm just saying that I think New Japan made the right choice by going with Jay White. He was the star of the two, is all I'm saying.”

That's… wow. You can listen to the video above to double-check the tone for yourself but rest assured, Omega's words read just as harshly as they sound from the man himself.

So naturally, Ospreay took this one on the chin, accepted Omega's criticism, and continued on with his very successful in-ring career, right?

…. yeah, not so much; Ospreay hit up the fine folks at Wrestle Inn himself and delivered the following statement of his own, which has been dictated by Fightful and censored to remove profanity.

“It's belittling. He's only doing it because of the interview side of things, he has to try and save face. You saw his true colors there… Apparently, the rumor was that I was meant to be there a year ago, just doing ‘forbidden door' stuff and somebody is putting the block on it. It doesn't take two and two to realize who it is. One person who has not been there for a while and all of a sudden, I'm welcome in with open arms,”

“This whole thing has generated from back in 2019, it was Kenny's last match and I guess he wanted Ibushi out there to second him. I f*cking blew Ibushi's brain out with the hidden blade. He's super f*cking mad at me. The thing is, I'm mad at myself when those situations happen. I don't want to brain somebody, but it's a legal wrestling move… Obviously, the repercussion is he got knocked out and it was a bad concussion. Since then, myself and Ibushi, we have gone out for drinks. We don't talk anymore, but after that point, we went for drinks and meals, we're fine, but Kenny is butthurt off an accident.”

“He can think what he wants about me, but the motherf*cker is such a little b*tch. The same person who is like, ‘I grew up after six or seven five-star matches.' No you didn't, you c*nt. You vanity search your name on Twitter to see what everybody says and when it's bad, you cry in the corner of your million-pound house and you're still bothered by some c*nt who sits doing some wrestling matches who is trying to help out, not only the British scene, but the Japanese scene, because I'm not an idiot when it comes to my company…  The worst thing is, people are gonna listen and be like, ‘They're building to something.' We're not building up to anything. He's a c*nt. I will slap that boy and remind him, ‘You're a f*cking 40-year-old man and you're f*cking fragile. Do you really want to get with me? I will end you.'”

Goodness, if there is a Forbidden Door 2, it might be hard to keep these two away from each other, as Omega and Ospreay may be ready to V-Trigger/Hidden Blade each other in the head like the “Commonwealth Kingpin” did to Ibushi in the NEVER Openweight Title match at Wrestle Kingdom 13.

Now granted, is some of that potentially for show? Eh, maybe a bit, both Omega and Ospreay like to talk trash, and, considering their abilities in the ring, they can largely get away with it because they can largely back it up. Still, when a pair of over-the-top, incredibly hyped performers get into a you-know-what-ing contest over who is the best and who is the favorite bout machine of Dave Meltzer, it can easily cross a line that can't easily be uncrossed. No, until these two duke it out in the ring as a culmination of their long-term storyline, this feud isn't going anywhere anytime soon.