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Wizards’ Gilbert Arenas roasted by Richard Jefferson over Kevin Garnett’s autograph

Gilbert Arenas, Kevin Garnett, Richard Jefferson, Wizards

Apparently, it isn’t easy to snag a Kevin Garnett autograph even if you’re a three-time All-Star like Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards. That’s according to Arenas himself. And, like a true pal, Richard Jefferson let him hear it.

The two friends were caught joking around in a podcast a few weeks back when Arenas told Jefferson that, among other superstars in the league, it was actually Garnett’s autograph that was hardest for him to obtain. Jefferson obviously had to troll him for it, among other things.

“With KG, I was trying to get his autograph which probably is the hardest autograph to get. I asked for it in 2004. I didn’t get it until 2008. I had to make that he had a good game, and he won,” Arenas told Jefferson (via Hoops Nation).

To which Jefferson savagely responded, “So, that wasn’t hard against your Wizards team?”

The two went on to talk about how Arenas’ Wizards team wasn’t so bad. For what it’s worth, Jefferson may have a point though. In the 2008-2009 season, Arenas was only able to play two games and averaged just 13 points per game – his worst season as a member of the Wizards franchise, at least statistically.

Well, at least, ‘Agent o’ did end up with that elusive Garnett autograph after waiting for almost half a decade.