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Bradley Beal blasts Raiders in 4-word tweet amid George Floyd-Derek Chauvin wildfire

Bradley Beal, Wizards, Raiders, Mark Davis

It is incredibly rare for just about everyone on Twitter to agree but because of the Las Vegas Raiders and tone-deaf team owner Mark Davis, the unthinkable happened on Tuesday. With the Raiders, apparently at the instruction of Davis, posting one of the more insensitive statements in recent memory following the announcement of the murder verdict on Derek Chauvin, Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal summed the whole situation up in just four words.

Davis has admitted that the tweet was his idea and won’t be removed despite the wildfire that has broken out from seemingly every corner of social media, including Beal’s Twitter.

Just to recall, Chauvin knelt on George Floyd’s neck for close to 10 minutes last year in Minneapolis, which resulted in the latter’s death. With Chauvin murdering Floyd in broad daylight as he pleaded with him that he couldn’t breathe, Davis and the Raiders couldn’t have missed the mark more. And Beal wasn’t having it.

“I can’t breathe” were some of the last words that Floyd would ultimately utter. Disrespecting his family and others that are still mourning his passing, like what the Raiders have done is simply inexcusable, a sentiment that Beal pretty much wrapped up angrily.

Not only is the tweet not being removed by the Raiders, but the team has also even pinned the extremely tone-deaf statement to the top of its official Twitter account. As of posting, it has well over 50,000 quote tweets and more than 20,000 comments, the majority of which favor Bradley Beal’s message to the Raiders.