Wizards news: Dwight Howard claims he wants to play 8 more years, retire with Washington
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Wizards center Dwight Howard claims he wants to play 8 more years, retire with Washington

Dwight Howard, Wizards

Dwight Howard’s career has been a roller coaster ride, to say the least. Once a superstar for the Orlando Magic, when he was winning three consecutive Defensive Player of the Year awards, he was on top of the basketball world.

The 2009 Magic team, which Howard was on, made the NBA Finals. It was the height of Howard’s basketball career. But soon after, turmoil soiled his legacy.

A forced trade got him to the Los Angeles Lakers. He left them. He signed with the Houston Rockets and left again. From there, he went to Atlanta. They traded him to Charlotte. The Hornets traded him again, to Brooklyn, where he sought a buyout.

Now, as a free agent, Howard will play for the Washington Wizards, looking for yet another revivification of his career. In his introductory press conference, Howard was positive and sounded confident.

Per Candace Buckner of the Washington Post:

Some fans might find that statement funny. Howard once famously held a Q&A on Twitter, asking fans for their thoughts about “trades or otherwise.” Five minutes later, he was traded to the Hornets.

Additionally, Howard has spent so little time in his last few stops that it may seem too optimistic for Howard to say he’ll retire with the Wizards. He is currently 32 years old, and presumably has a few years left until he has to hang up his sneakers.

Speaking of which, Howard also said he expects to play for another eight years, per Michael Lee of Yahoo Sports. He does not think the small-ball nature of the NBA will affect him, he added.

We’ll see about all of that this season.