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Wizards’ Isaiah Thomas says it’s ‘disrespectful’ Carmelo Anthony, other NBA vets remain unsigned

Wizards, Carmelo Anthony, Isaiah Thomas

Washington Wizards guard Isaiah Thomas has been vouching for Carmelo Anthony to be signed by any NBA team this season. And he believes that it’s disrespectful that Melo and a few other veterans are still free agents.

One of the biggest storylines in the offseason was Melo’s free-agency status. It was clear right from the beginning that while several teams had an interest in signing the former scoring champion, they weren’t willing to risk it. Anthony has earned a reputation as a bad locker room guy, and his appearance in ESPN’s show First Take didn’t actually help him that much.

Melo was seen participating in unofficial scrimmages involving players from both the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets, and at that point, it seemed like he was close to getting signed. In fact, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were reportedly pushing the Nets front office to sign Anthony, but nothing materialized.

Now that the season is officially underway, the chances of Melo joining any team seems unlikely.

Attitude is also one of the main reasons why JR Smith remains a free-agent and his epic blunder in Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals definitely hurt his stock. He was eventually let go by the Cleveland Cavaliers last season, as the team decided to push the rebuild button,

As for Jamal Crawford, his age is the biggest concern of any team at this point. Yes, he wowed the fans with his 50-point performance with the Phoenix Suns last season, but he’s already a liability on defense. Still, he can definitely find his way back into the league in the middle of the season, which is what happened last year.

For someone who has been given multiple chances, Thomas wants the same thing to happen to these guys. With that said, the Wizards vet will surely continue to support them until they play in the NBA once again.