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Wizards news: John Wall breaks comedian’s ankles at celebrity game

John Wall

Move over Kevin Hart, we have a new height-challenged comedian to roast at the All-Star break.

Washington Wizards point guard John Wall, the self-proclaimed best two-way point guard in the league, took some time off from putting the clamps on people at the defensive end to burn past 5-foot-2 comedian Lil’ Duval at the LudaDay event in Atlanta.

Duval tweeted out this message before footage of the game was released, knowing he was about to be social media’s favorite roast as soon as it hit the net: “If you see a video of me online at the Ludacris basketball game just know it’s photoshopped.”

The diminutive comedian attempted to defend Wall on a one-on-one opportunity, the latter viciously crossed back, making Duval take a dip in the hardwood, as Wall went in for the left-handed jam.

“First of all, it’s clear that he pushed me in the video, so I’m not taking that L…” the comedian said while smoking a cigarette in the video. “…and second of all, don’t y’all fall for the b***s***, cause I think this is a clear plot from the man trying to break up black family homes. Don’t let them use you.

Wall has been snatching ankles even at the highest level, so it comes as no surprise that he would take Duval’s into his collection with his ruthless handles.

Even the likes of Kevin Durant had something to say about this dirty crossover from Wall.

Viscous as Carolina chowder.