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Kelly Oubre upset John Collins wore shorter shorts than he did

Washington Wizards forward Kelly Oubre is known for his short-shorts as much as he is known for his messy mop hairstyle, but it took only 12 games into the season for him to meet his match in Atlanta Hawks rookie forward John Collins.

The 19th overall selection is also a fan of the retro-style way to wear shorts, thing which Oubre didn’t take kindly.

“Took my swag, man, I was real upset” joked Oubre after his Wizards took a convincing 113-94 win over the Hawks. “But shoutout to him, he’s a great guy, a great player. I was just really upset that his shorts were shorter than mine.”

Oubre posted a photo of him dunking on Collins, which he promptly captioned, “I was just salty that his shorts were shorter than mine.”

I was just salty that his shorts were shorter than mine. 😅#Shhh

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Asked if he would one-up the rookie and get an even shorter trim on his already short-shorts, Oubre took a pass.

“Nah, I’m just gonna stay who I am,” said Oubre. “The new Nike shorts, they’re just weird. Last year I could wear them really high like I wanted to, now I don’t know how high. I’m just trying to find my swag with these new Nike shorts. I think I may have to go down to a [size] 36, I’m at a 38 right now.”