The start of Jordan Poole's life as a member of the Washington Wizards organization hasn't exactly been smooth-sailing. Pegged by many as a potential breakout candidate now that he doesn't have to share touches with Stephen Curry on the Golden State Warriors, Poole has fallen way short of expectations. His shot selection has remained questionable, leading to woeful efficiency numbers, and his statistics have dropped off across the board.

Beyond his disappointing play on the hardwood, Poole hasn't helped himself with some of his other actions and statements; as one would recall, Poole said that he was excited to play his brand of basketball with the Wizards (which, so far, hasn't yielded much in the way of positive results) and then for all of his talk about being a leader for his new team, Poole ended up going viral for not paying much attention during a timeout.

As a result, many have soured on Jordan Poole's prospects as a star in this league. In fact, Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett, who was high on the Wizards guard this past offseason, appears to have all but given up on the 24-year old combo guard.

“A champ? You ain't acting like it. You flexing champ s**t but you ain't bringing a champion environment in here. N***as like this don't belong in our league bro,” Garnett exclaimed on the new episode of Ticket and The Truth on SHOWTIME Basketball.

Kevin Garnett did not step there; in fact, he went scorched earth on Jordan Poole, chastising the Wizards guard for failing to fulfill the responsibilities of a leader for his new team, even saying that he wouldn't want his son to be looking up to someone like Poole.

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“I don't want my son looking up to no guy like that. […] I'm disappointed in Jordan Poole, man. I thought I was going to get the Poole Show. But yeah, it is what it is.”

At this point, it's looking like Jordan Poole won't be a long-term keeper for the Wizards anyway. But given how poorly he has played in D.C., which team would want to take a punt and see if they can bring out the best in the mercurial yet talented guard?