Marcin Gortat wants Otto Porter, Kelly Oubre Jr. to add weight as he works on his tan, six-pack
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Marcin Gortat wants Otto Porter, Kelly Oubre Jr. to add weight as he works on his tan, six-pack

Otto Porter Jr., Kelly Oubre Jr.

If guard John Wall’s recent comments about the paramount importance of athletic big men is indeed the direction the Washington Wizards take, Polish big man Marcin Gortat may be the odd man out with the franchise. Still, that’s not stopping him from sharing his two cents as to how the Wizards could bounce back next season and turn things around for the better.

The Washington Post’s Candace Buckner covered the 6-11 center’s exit interview in which he homed in particularly on two key Wizard’s players, as to how they could improve themselves and ultimately impact the team. Starting with defensive ace and third option Otto Porter Jr.’s apparent lack of muscle mass.

“You’ve got to lock him in the weight room for a good four months. He’s got to gain at least 10, 15 pounds. And I think he’s going to be at least twice better player. Skillset-wise, he’s unbelievable. He’s got everything. He can rebound. He can shoot the ball. He can post up. He can pass. He can definitely defend, if he’s healthy.”

At 6-8 and weighing just a paltry 198 pounds, the 34 year-old certainly has a point. He also called out swingman Kelly Oubre Jr. for virtually the same issue although the Kansas Jayhawk is relatively heavier by comparison.

“As I told him and told Kelly [Oubre Jr.], they’ve both got to improve in the weight room. They’ve got to get into the weight room.”

As for Gortat and what he would be working on during the summer? Strangely, it’s not adapting to the changing culture of NBA bigs and adding range to his point blank offense.

“This summer, I’m going to work on my tan. I’m going to work on my six-pack. Get my bicep definition a bit better. You can’t improve three-point shooting. You can’t improve your shot, specifically for me.”