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Owner Ted Leonsis thinks Wizards can turn things around fast

Ted Leonsis

Most analysts expect the Washington Wizards to have another forgettable year next season. Superstar point guard John Wall is still recovering from his season-ending Achilles injury and is not looking likely to play a significant role for Washington next season. Moreover, All-Star shooting guard Bradley Beal has constantly been rumored to be a trade candidate.

However, despite the bleak forecast on how his team will fare in the coming season, Wizards owner Ted Leonsis is keeping his head up, saying he believes Washington will be able to turn things around sooner rather than later.

Leonsis seems to have put a lot of faith in new Wizards general manager Tommy Sheppard, stating he believes the newly appointed executive has what it takes to turn the team’s fortunes around fast:

“I like (Sheppard’s) dexterity to be able to deal with the existing NBA, but to also really look at it as a global enterprise,” Leonsis told Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. “My belief is that you can you do things fast. We have the wherewithal and resources and facilities and technology.

Nevertheless, Leonsis fully appreciates where his team stands right now. He understands that they will not be competitive next season, but he also believes that another five-year slump is definitely something they can avoid:

“If we can bring John (Wall) back and, with Brad, develop our draft picks and assets, start to manage the (salary) cap, why can’t this be quick,” Leonsis asked. “It doesn’t need to be a five-years it took when we drafted John and Brad. We can turn this one faster.”

It’s not a great time to be a Wizards fan right now, but at the very least, it seems management has a long-term plan in place, which will hopefully get them out of the rut they are currently in within the next couple of years.