On Tuesday night against the Charlotte Hornets, Russell Westbrook just sent in his entry for dunk of the year. The Washington Wizards star baptized Hornets big man Bismack Biyombo in a poster slam that sent shockwaves throughout the NBA.

For his part, Robin Lopez was a first-hand witness to the insane dunk, but as it turns out, the Wizards center had other things in mind:

When asked how he was able to casually jog back to the other end of the floor without even reacting to Westbrook's latest poster, Lopez just had to admit that he had other more important things in mind at that exact moment. Apparently, Lopez is a Disney buff, and he was recalling some classic films from the 1970s. Still, a bit of a reaction would have been good especially considering how Westbrook almost ended Biyombo's career with this dunk.

In case you needed proof of Lopez's Disney fandom, here's a hilarious clip of the vet playing the role of Gaston in a parody of the movie, Beauty and the Beast.

Now back to Westbrook's dunk. The Wizard star's slam was so noteworthy that we have literally published three news articles about it, with this one being the third of what has evolved into a three-part series. We first talked about the dunk here, and then did a follow-up of Westbrook checking up on Biyombo and his bruised ego after the game.

At 32, Westbrook is no spring chicken. These posters are slowly becoming far and few in between for the 13-year veteran, so we better enjoy them while they last.