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Scott Brooks pokes fun at Kevin Durant, Marcin Gortat in post-game quote

Scott Brooks

Scott Brooks had perhaps the best quote of his Washington Wizards coaching career, spry from finally taking the thorn off his back following three straight losses before a bounce-back 116-106 win over the San Antonio Spurs.

The Wizards benefitted from an injury to LaMarcus Aldridge, who sat out the remainder of the game, but were consistent at the offensive end, tallying 33 assists and regaining their usual ball-sharing ways in a much-needed victory.

“I’m going to to tweet in my burner account that it was a good team win,” said Brooks.

This quote captures perhaps the best of both worlds, burning his very own center Marcin Gortat, who was once in the middle of a John Wall drama following his comments, when he said it “was a great team victory” soon after the Wizards rolled after the point guard’s injury.

The first part of his great line is a nod to Kevin Durant’s wild championship offseason, where he would engage in debates with fans from his burner Twitter account — a nice little tug of the arm from a former seasoned veteran like Brooks.

Last year was all about David Fizdale’s famed “take that for data” rant, but this brilliant line by the Wizards coach could take the cake this season.