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Spencer Dinwiddie’s NBA championship bonus with Wizards is pure comedy

Wizards, Spencer Dinwiddie

Spencer Dinwiddie recently signed a three-year, $62 million deal with the Washington Wizards. As usual in NBA contracts, there are a series of likely and unlikely bonuses for players.

Amusingly, though, Dinwiddie’s deal with the Wizards comes with an NBA Championship incentive. While some would think that it’s on the hundred thousand or million dollar-range, the championship bonus for Dinwiddie is actually just $1. Yes, you read that right and there no zeros missing there–just the good, old George Washington in one piece.

Bobby Marks of ESPN highlighted that part of Dinwiddie’s contract in an Instagram video on Sunday, and he couldn’t help but laugh it off and praise the camp of the Wizards guard for the creativity.

(Starts at around the 10:15 mark)


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That bonus is certainly genius work, and there’s probably no better player to pull off such stunt than Spencer Dinwiddie. After all, he has always been “advanced” in his contract negotiations, with his attempt to make his deal with the Brooklyn Nets a digital investment vehicle.

It is possible the $1 incentive was made just for fun and trolling since it can be considered as an unlikely bonus. After all, the Wizards are not really considered favorites to make the NBA Finals, let alone win the championship. However, is certainly fun to imagine Washington winning the title and Dinwiddie getting that extra money!