Wizards news: Tomas Satoransky doesn't think Bobby Portis was just going for ball on flagrant foul
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Tomas Satoransky doesn’t think Bobby Portis was just going for ball on flagrant foul

Tomas Satoransky, Bobby Portis

With less than three minutes left in the Washington Wizards’ 101-90 road win over the Chicago Bulls, there was a play that caused a lot of noise around social media. Wizards guard Bradley Beal passed the ball to his teammate Tomas Satoranksy, who was standing in the corner. He blew by Lauri Markkanen and met Bobby Portis near the rim. When Satoransky rose for a layup attempt, Portis committed a hard foul and made contact with both the basketball and Satoransky’s arms; the fall did not look good for the Wizards’ guard. He suffered a concussion and was immediately pulled out of the game. Portis was assessed a flagrant 2 foul, which always comes with an automatic ejection. Take a look at the clip:

While it is hard to tell if Portis had other intentions by the looks of the tape, the event was unfortunate for both sides. Satoransky later commented on the incident. According to Candace Buckner from Post Sports, Satoransky said:

“It was an unfortunate fall. But I don’t think [Bobby Portis] just tried to play ball. What I saw and what I know of the game, you don’t go for the block like how he went. He got me first [by the] hand, then he got ball and then I fall badly.”

While he does have a point, Portis thinks otherwise. “I went for the ball. Tried to block it, it was a tight game, tried to make a basketball play, for our team, to help our team stay in the game. Things happen,” said the Bulls big man after the game according to ESPN’s Nick Friedell.