Here is our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Boss Guide on how to beat Dong Zhuo. This guide will include his attack patterns, drops, and more.

How To Beat Dong Zhuo – Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Boss Guide

Players will face Dong Zhuo in the mission “Tyrant’s Final Banquet”. This boss is a required boss and must be defeated to proceed in the game.

Dong Zhuo Attack Patterns

Here are the attack patterns of Dong Zhuo

  • Jump Slash
    • Dong Zhuo will jump into the air and do a spinning slash toward the player.
    • The player can dodge this by moving backward, or by dodging/parrying just before Dong Zhuo lands.
  • Spear Lunge
    • Dong Zhuo lunges at the player after charging up for a little while.
    • Players can dodge this attack. They can also parry this attack.
  • 2 Hit Combo
    • Dong Zhuo will attack the player twice with his spear.
    • Players can dodge both hits of this attack. They can also parry this attack.
  • 3 Hit Combo
    • Dong Zhuo will do a 2Hit combo, then follow it up with a lunge.
    • Players can dodge all hits of this attack. They can also try parrying it.
  • Fire
    • Dong Zhuo will cast a fire spell at the player.
    • Players can dodge this attack.
  • Grab
    • Dong Zhuo will try to grab the player. If he succeeds, he will deal unblockable damage to the player.
    • The player must dodge or parry the grab. Otherwise, they will receive a lot of damage.
  • Kick
    • Dong Zhuo will quickly kick the player at close range.
    • Players can dodge the kick if they notice him winding up. Players can also try to parry the kick.
  • Knife Throw
    • Dong Zhuo will throw knives at the player if they are far from him.
    • Players can dodge the knives easily. They can also parry them.

Parrying attacks, especially the Fatal Strikes, will decrease your enemy’s Spirit Gauge significantly. As such, it is ideal for you to parry as much as possible, then damage them heavily with your Fatal Strike once it is available.

Dong Zhuo is another boss whose attack patterns are simple, yet they hit hard. The player should focus on dodging and parrying his attacks and counter-attacking during his downtimes. The player should also mind their distance from Dong Zhuo. Too close, and the player can find themself getting grabbed or kicked. Too far, and Dong Zhuo may throw fire or knives at you. The best way to deal with Dong Zhuo is to weave in and out of his short and long-range so that you can easily dodge his attacks, as well as make sure that he doesn’t use some of them.

It’s important to note, however, that once Dong Zhuo’s HP reaches 50%, his attacks will get faster. As such, once the player notices his HP reaching the threshold, they must start adjusting to Dong Zhuo’s increased speed. Failure to do so will result in the player getting hit by attacks that they normally would not get hit by.

Dong Zhuo Drops

These are the drops that you can get after defeating –

  • Random pieces from the Tyrant Overlord Set
    • Tyrant Overlord Circlet
    • Tyrant Overlord Surcoat
    • Tyrant Overlord Gauntlets
    • Tyrant Overlord Greaves
  • Triumphant Conquest Glaive

That’s all for our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Boss Guide on how to beat Dong Zhuo.  The game is available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X|S, and PC. For more gaming news from us, you can check out our gaming news articles.