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WWE 2K22 Officially Announced During WrestleMania 37 Weekend

WWE 2K22, WrestleMania 37

WWE finally announced the return of the WWE 2K with WWE 2K22 video game series during WrestleMania 37 Weekend.


WWE just announced the return of WWE 2K series in their newest installment this year. Revealed during a commercial segment in WrestleMania 37, a 30-second ad for the game played. It featured realistic-looking models for WWE superstars Rey Mysterio and Cesaro (who just had a great match with Seth Rollins in WrestleMania 37). Based on the work-in-progress in-game footage we saw, WWE 2K seems to be back to form.

This will just be the second game in the series that 2K Sports and Visual Concepts. The first one they did was the disastrous WWE 2K20, which faced many development problems as long-time developers Yuke’s dropped the game. Because of the failure of WWE 2K20, Take-Two Interactive decided to skip WWE 2K21 entirely. Hence, the return of WWE 2K22 will see whether skipping a year has been enough for 2K Sports and Visual Concepts to get the game back into shape.

2K Sports and Visual Concepts are better-known for their work on the NBA 2K series. However, NBA 2K and WWE 2K turned out to be different beasts, and the developers didn’t immediately convert their success with the NBA 2K series in their work in WWE 2K20.

Meanwhile, we don’t know a lot yet about the direction WWE 2K22 will take. There’s not a lot revealed so far about the game, aside from the 30-second teaser trailer. We don’t even know when the game will be coming out. However, if we base it off WWE’s previous releases, we can probably expect a Q3 2021 release for WWE 2K22. We can also expect more announcements to come throughout WrestleMania weekend. There will also surely be more follow-up information in the Raw and Smackdown episodes following WrestleMania 37.