Cody Rhodes is heavily favored to win his first singles championship in WWE since his return to the company during WrestleMania 38, and his fans continue to adore him. As a babyface, following wrestling rules, this means he's getting an increase in his WWE 2K24 ratings, and that's exactly what happened.

Cody Rhodes got his WWE 2K24 ratings reveal session and learned that he got 93 OVR in the upcoming game, two points higher than his previous grade. That is definitely great news for the grandson of a plumber, and we're hoping that more good news will come his way and his fans as we head into the WrestleMania season.

Cody Rhodes' win in the most recent Royal Rumble definitely contributed to the increase in his rating, making him one of the highest-rated superstars in the game, and one of the highest-rated non-champions. This also puts him on par with some of the legends in the game, almost marking him as one of the greatest of all time in WWE's history.

Two other incarnations of Cody will appear in the WWE 2K24 roster, marking the return of Stardust to the game, and his “Undashing” Cody Rhodes gimmick makes an appearance, too. It's worth noting that Cody received his highest rating in WWE 2K during his first stint at 89 OVR while he was still under the “Undashing” gimmick, and received the lowest at 74 OVR as Stardust.

As for the ratings of his two alternate identities, we don't know yet, so stay tuned here at ClutchPoints Gaming for more WWE 2K24 ratings reveals, news, and updates.