When Booker T likes an act, he likes an act, and you'd best believe he really likes the Street Profits, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, who have recently aligned themselves with Bobby Lashley in a SmackDown heel turn.

Discussing how it feels to see an act he once wanted to manage now linked up with the “All Mighty” for what looks to be a featured storyline on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T declared it a grand idea, as it puts the tag team in the big leagues alongside one of WWE's “highest rollers.

“I think it’s good, man. I think the Street Profits need that switch. Coming out and dressing like they’re playing basketball, those days are over with. You gotta up your gear, man, up your game. Up your gear, up your game,” Booker T said via Fightful. “Hanging out with Bobby, now you rolling with a high roller, dog. You got [hottie biscotti] running around. You gotta know how to play to part. So yeah, I’m liking everything about what’s on going on with Tez and Dawk, most definitely. I ran into Montez at SummerSlam, and him and I had a little talk, little talk about something that him and I talked about just a few months back. So now it’s time to turn it up and turn it on.”

What does the future hold for the Street Profits and Bobby Lashley? Are they just the first shoe to drop in an eventual reformation of the Hurt Business, with MVP, Omos, and the developmental tandem of Trick Williams and NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes? Or are the trio going to be just that, a three-man wrecking crew with nothing but violence on their mind? Either way, it's safe to say Booker T will be watching to see how this one develops.

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Booker T reveals why he didn't appear on the Darkside of the Ring.

Elsewhere on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T talked about the latest edition of Darkside of the Ring, which discussed the infamous end of Bash at the Beach 2000.

Though Booker T was obviously there at the event, as he did win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship on that fateful day in Dayton Beach, even he wasn't privy to all of the backstage gossip, such as Eric Bischoff's reluctance to give him a title.

“It was definitely eye-opening. I learned a lot about the situation that I didn’t know myself if it’s true. But my thing is, these guys that put themselves on this Dark Side of the Ring shows, they really open themselves up for criticism. They really do. That’s the only thing I think,” Booker T said via TJR Wrestling.

“Jeff Jarrett did a h*ll of a job on there. I give Jeff Jarrett more credit than anybody that was on that whole episode, more than anybody, seriously, without a doubt. I didn’t know Eric Bischoff was against me winning the championship. I didn’t know that. I didn’t know he was with Hogan on that. I didn’t know that. Those are the things that I didn’t know about.

“Like I say, if it was up to Eric Bischoff, I may have never won the championship. That’s the way I feel about Eric Bischoff right now at this time because the company was going under, you know, at that time. The company was going down. If I didn’t get it at that time, I wasn’t gonna get it in WCW, probably. That’s just my opinion on that.”

Asked why he didn't appear on this particular episode of Darkside of the Ring or any episode of the show for that matter, Booker noted that, in his opinion, there's no reason to put his reputation on the line for almost no money on a show where has no say on the final edit.

“As far as, like I say, the embellishment of the story, what happened at Bash at the Beach 2000, I don’t think the real story is ever going to come out because I think what we heard on Dark Side of the Ring, just like the Plane Ride from Hell, a lot of stuff was just put in there that wasn’t actually true because I was on the Plane Ride from Hell and it definitely wasn’t that plane ride that they had on that episode, but, there again, that episode right there ruined a lot of people and got a lot of people a lot of heat,” Booker T noted.

“When they called me and wanted me to be a part of some stuff like that, I declined. I declined for a reason. Don’t think there’s not a lot of stuff that I could be saying about, you know, people like Eric Bischoff. Don’t think there’s not a lot of stuff I could be saying about Vince Russo and then that whole, you know, time period, but is it worth it? Is it worth it for me to put my reputation and my character on the line for a show that’s paying me $0 or very, very little dollars, dollars that’s definitely not going to be life-changing?

“Why do it? That’s my question. Why? A lot of people still want to be relevant. A lot of people still want to let people know they’re still around, they’re still a part of a game. You know what I mean? For me, there again, just opens you up for a whole lot of criticism.”

Would it be cool to see Booker T on an episode of Darkside of the Ring? Most definitely, but frankly, his reasoning for not doing the show is totally justified.