After getting surprisingly physical on SmackDown in his A-Town Down Under tag team partner Austin's match with LA Knight, Grayson Waller hit the showers and then the post-show media circuit to see who he could talk to about his goings on.

On paper, it makes sense, right? Waller, at least in his presumed opinion, was likely justified in his decision to get into the ring, as heels often do, but surprisingly enough, that wasn't all the “Aussie Icon” had to say regarding the match in question.

No, in a very advantageous situation for the former NXT standout, Waller actually had very good news to share with Cathy Kelley on the SmackDown LowDown, letting the wrestling journalist know that he, too, has a massive guest booked for his talk show: John Cena.

“Look, a lot of people say a lot of things about Grayson Waller, including yourself. And the thing is, I'm a good bloke. I saw there was something wrong with the turnbuckle. The WWE staff were doing nothing about it, so I went in to fix it. But let's not worry about tonight,” Grayson Waller said on the SmackDown LowDown.

“But let's not talk about that. Let's talk about next week and the biggest Grayson Waller Effect of all time. And I've had some huge guests, Hall of Famers, social media Superstars. But now next week, I have the ‘GOAT,' the greatest of all time. And, you know, John Cena has done so much for so many people. He was in India today. Do you see how many smiles are on the faces in India? And it's nice now that I get to make John's wish come true on The Grayson Waller Effect, cuz yeah, he had his big comeback, but then he was a special guest referee and you can kinda see how things are going for John, but that's okay, because what better way to bring him back to the spotlight? What better way to bring him back to the Main Event than the Grayson Waller rub? I know, I can't wait, its gonna be a big one.”

Whoa, there you go, Waller really did secure the biggest guest in The Grayson Waller Effect's history, no offense to Cody Rhodes or Edge. And based on how his show often goes, that likely means some future angle will be set up on the show, with the “Aussie Icon” likely destined to take a SuperKick, an Attitude Adjustment, or even a Crossrhodes as the fans cheer on the babyface. Buckle up, folks: this is gonna be good.

LA Knight wants to end things with The Miz after beating up on Grayson Waller.

Speaking of LA Knight, he too was a guest on the SmackDown LowDown this week and had a few words to say about not only The Miz but also his request for another match in the future. While Knight has already beaten The Miz in a match at Payback, even if John Cena was the man who counted the pin, the “Megastar” is happy to force-feed the “A-Lister” another BFT for the 1-2-3.

“I feel, is that a real question right now? You're really asking me that question?” LA Knight asked of Kayla Braxton. “Let me talk to ya: Am I prepared for The Miz? We already had Payback. Payback was already The Miz eating BFT, eating the 1-2-3. He wants to complain about John Cena making the count. John Cena did what he needed to do. With John Cena or without John Cena, next week, SmackDown, Miz gets the exact same treatment he got at Payback. What that is? Y'all know it's BFT courtesy of this man, LA Knight, yeah!”

Does it really make sense for LA Knight to wrestle The Miz again on television after already defeating him on a Premium Live Event? Eh, not really, no; unless Miz and Knight plan on keeping this program going until Fastlane in Indianapolis, Indiana, on October 7th, having this feud come to an end on television is an odd way to handle things. Then again, Gunther's entire program with Chad Gable, which was lauded by fans from all over the professional wrestling world, played out entirely on RAW, so who knows, maybe Paul “Triple H” Levesque hopes another Miz-Knight match could pop a huge rating, or maybe just set up another feud for Fastlane in October? Either way, after an incredibly entertaining feud between the two talkers, one way or another, it appears things are coming to an end, even if things drag out a little longer than some fans might have hoped.