It has officially been just over a month since Mercedes Mone made her official debut for AEW and so far, her grade has been, shall we say, incomplete.

Sure, her initial debut was great, and she's already found a few potential dance partners to work with in the form of Willow Nightingale, Skye Blue, and Julia Hart, but she hasn't wrestled a single match and won't be working on the promotion's next event, AEW Dynasty, opting instead to save her big moment for Double or Nothing in Las Vegas as she recovers from a near-career threatening ankle injury suffered at NJPW Resurgence last Spring.

Could AEW have held off her debut for another month, booking Big Business in Boston after Dynasty instead of Revolution? Sure thing, but based on what she's put on tape so far, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff already believes that the “CEO” is a certified flop, ruined by Tony Khan's poor booking decisions.

“I would have had her wrestle before the May pay-per-view. I would have actually tried to build her up in a way to make her interesting and compelling. Right now, I predicted I was asked. It’s not that I came out and started throwing my s**t around just hoping that somebody would be interested. I was asked the question months and months and months ago. Do you think Mercedes will have any impact in AEW and without even taking a deep breath? To express the one-syllable answer to that? It was no. It was. She’s not, she hasn’t, and she won’t. And that’s self-inflicted and has nothing to do with her potential or what she’s capable of as a talent. It’s the environment she’s in. It is dysfunctionally creative. It is dysfunctional creatively,” Eric Bischoff explained on 83 Weeks via 411 Mania.

“There’s a lack of vision. There’s, it’s just impossible for anybody to show up and have an impact, or move the needle or change the game or whatever euphemism you want to use a metaphor, whatever the f**k is it at this point, it doesn’t matter. They can do anything they want to do with her, and it’s not gonna matter. It’s over. They blew it. She’s just gonna be Saraya. Yep. Oh, that was gonna be a big thing. Oh, the women’s division is gonna be oh, this is it. Game Changer. Really? What are we seeing so far? Absolutely nothing. Two months from now, you will be looking at the same scenario for Mercedes, not because of her. Or maybe she’s part of it. She could be part of the problem. But the real problem is there is just no fundamental understanding of how to build a wrestling company for television in this country, at AEW, if they’re hiding, there in the witness protection program.”

Is Bischoff on the money? Frankly, that depends on your perspective; on one hand, it would have been cool to see Mone wrestle at AEW Dynasty, taking out Hart for the TBS Title instead of giving Willow Nightingale the belt for a few months ahead of Las Vegas, but comparing her run to Saraya is disingenuous because they have very different goals in AEW. Fast forward to Double or Nothing, and it's safe to assume that Mone will work a fantastic match against Nightingale and go off on a run of quality matches a la her efforts in New Japan, which is when her evaluation period will really open up.

Athena is excited about Mercedes Mone coming to AEW.

While Eric Bischoff isn't sold on Mercedes Mone's addition to AEW, one person who has much higher expectations is Athena, the current Ring of Honor Women's Champion and a former co-worker of Sasha Banks in WWE.

Discussing what Mone brings to the table in an interview with Good Karma Wrestling, Athena summed it all down to two words: star power.

“She adds star power. She adds confidence, right? Like I think for so long, like we as a women’s division, especially in AEW, we’re having these great matches, and we had stars, right? But we were trying to breach the ceiling of star power, and I think Mercedes Mone brings that to the table,” Athena explained via 411 Mania. “From her being in the Mandalorian to her being a multi-time world champion to just the charisma and aura that she brings into every moment that she’s on TV. I really feel like that is what’s going to set this women’s division over the edge in AEW. On top of that, it’s not that she’s doing it by herself. She’s bringing these women up with her, right? Like your Willow, Kris Statlander, Julia, Skye Blue, right? They’re all in the same scene as her. I think that’s really cool that we’re doing that. Now, with that being said, your Minion Overlord is just tiers above her. Tiers above her, like she’s doing great over there, we’re doing the Minion Overlord's work over here.”

While some fans may not be aware of her in-ring dominance as of late, as she's amassed a 50-win streak as the focal point of Ring of Honor's weekly program, if Athena is excited to share a locker room with Mone, it's safe to say much of the locker room feels the same, as adding some additional eyes and improved star power to the division will only raise the floor for everyone in the division.