After weeks of casual conversating, new suit purchasing, and even the occasional trip to Orlando to check in on the current NXT Champion, Carmelo Hayes, Bobby Lashley took the ring in beautiful Hershey, Pennsylvania, to discuss what in the Sam Heck has been going on with himself and the former RAW Tag Team Championship-winning duo of Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, better known to fans as the Street Profits.

Is the “All-Mighty” gearing up for the relaunch of the Hurt Business 2.0? Or is this simply an example of two acts appreciating what the other brings to the table? Fortunately, it looks like it's leaning more towards the former.

“D*mn, you guys know how to make somebody feel good. But we've got a little business to attend to. Seem everywhere I go, from the locker rooms in the back, to the airports, even when I'm at home with my kids, everybody keeps asking me the same question, and that question is: Bobby, what's going on with you and the Street Profits? So I'm here tonight to give you guys a straight answer. And it's a very simple answer: real recognizes real, and great recognizes great. And that's why I recognize the Street Profits,” Bobby Lashley said as he marched down to the ring.

“Wow, y'all know the Street Profits; they're charismatic, they're athletic, and now, they're more aggressive than they've ever been.”

As the crowd cheered them on Ford and Dawkins paraded themselves around the ring, with the former telling the sold-out crowd exactly why they marched down to the ring to talk to the “All-Mighty.”

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“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up Bobby, no Boucher; tonight is not about us, tonight is simply about us giving the gratitude to you, to everything you've done for us. I mean think about it Dawkins, the last time we has this much success, it's been a long time. I mean think about it, we're in fresh cuts, fresh watches, fresh suits, and we sexy,” Montez Ford said.

“But nah, ever since we formed this friendship, Bobby's helped us see the bigger picture. We stepped over what was, and stepped into what is,” Angelo Dawkins added.

“From what was to is. And I mean, think about it, Bobby, there's nothing personal; it's just profits,” Ford said with a laugh. “And while we could go on for days and days, hours and hours, weeks and weeks, years and years, centuries and centuries about eh goodness of you, we only got two words, truly, we only got two words truly for you partner: thank you.”

Clearly feeling the love from his adoring friends, Lashley re-took the microphone and let it be known that he has one thing in mind for the faction, which he isn't calling the Hurt Business just yet, moving forward.

“I appreciate you, I appreciate you guys, but you guys don't have to thank me, you can thank me with your continued success. But now, we're about to send a message out to the entire WWE Universe: we are putting everybody in notice; we are coming for power, control, and championship gold; we are coming for it all.”

Is this not-quite-Hurt Business gearing up for another run at all of the titles SmackDown has to offer, from the belts belonging to Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens to the one currently held by the United States Champion Rey Mysterio and the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns? Well, based on how the trio looked at KO and Zayn before their match with Cruz Del Toro and Juaquin Wilde on SmackDown, it's clear they're up to something.

Booker T is all about the Street Profits' team-up with Bobby Lashley.

Discussing the Street Profits partnership with Bobby Lashley on his Hall of Fame podcast back in August, Booker T let it be known that he really likes the pairing, as he thinks it will help both acts get to where they need to be.

“I think it’s good, man. I think the Street Profits need that switch. Coming out and dressing like they’re playing basketball, those days are over with. You gotta up your gear, man, up your game. Up your gear, up your game,” Booker T said via TJR.

“Hanging out with Bobby, now you rolling with a high roller, dog. You got [hottie biscotti] running around. You gotta know how to play to part. So yeah, I’m liking everything about what’s on going on with Tez and Dawk, most definitely. I ran into Montez at SummerSlam, and him and I had a little talk, little talk about something that him and I talked about just a few months back. So now it’s time to turn it up and turn it on.”

Fortunately for King Book, Lashley turns up that volume from a whisper to a conversation on SmackDown, with cries of war surely set to follow in the not-too-distant future. Buckle up, folks; this is about to be fun.