After terrorizing Monday Night RAW over his multiple reigns as the United States Champion, Austin Theory has made his way over to SmackDown, and now, he's got company in the form of Pretty Deadly, the English pairing of Elton Prince and Kit Wilson, who were similarly drafted onto the Blue Brand back in May.

Noting just how surprising it was that the perenially unpopular Theory had found friends during her interview with the trio on the SmackDown LowDown, Megan Morant got an earful from the US Champ, noting that he has more friends than he knows what to do with.

“You think it's shocking that I have friends?” Austin Theory asked. “How long have you been working here? I'm the greatest United States Champion, I have so many friends. I got a lot of friend requests, and I'm not talking about social media apps. I'm talking about real life. You ever had a real-life friend request?”

“Do you know how many offers we had or how many people want Pretty Deadly to help them? There’s so many,” Elton Prince said.

“I’m in a runty mood,” Kit Wilson noted. “I’ll just say you’re shocking, but I wanna say, hey, as tag team specialists, the way you (Theory) took that tag at the very end and then slid on in and then pinned. Have you done that before? Pinned seamless?”

“I actually have; it’s not the first time, guys… wait, was that your question?” Theory asked. “Was it about tonight? Because we all three walked in there knowing what was gonna happen. They’ve already beaten the Brutes. I’ve already beaten Sheamus. What is this, our second time? You know what? Matter of fact, we’re done here.”

Oh no, are Austin Theory and Pretty Deadly going to be paired up long-term, potentially even after this current run against The Brawling Brutes? If so, it sure seems like Paul “Triple H” Levesque has a lot of faith in the former NXT Champions, as they certainly aren't being tossed a softball across the middle of the plate with Theory as their single.