When Sami Zayn took the ring for the final segment of the final SmackDown before the Elimination Chamber, the WWE Universe assembled in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, was beyond ready to welcome back their hometown hero.

Earning basically every cheer in the books, with fans singing along to “The Underdog from the Underground's” vintage theme song before going into alternate cheers of “Ole!” “you deserve it,” and “Sami,” for literally four minutes, Zayn was eventually afforded a chance to address the adoring masses.

“This time of year, everybody points to one thing,” Zayn said as he pointed at the WrestleMania 39 sign. “Year after year, we tell everybody that that is the most important show of the whole year. But for me, for this city, tomorrow night is once in a lifetime! Roman Reigns, listen to me carefully, tomorrow night you are in my f***ign house! Tomorrow night, it's not just Sami Zayn versus Roman Reigns, it's Roman Reigns versus Sami Zayn and the entire city of Montreal! Roman, you are going down!”

Holy crap, this was an amazing segment, especially once fans realized that Zayn dropped a french Canadian F-Bomb on national television without censoring himself. While the prospects of Zayn walking out of Montreal a champion as rather slight, as Reigns has his streak and The Bloodline behind him, it's hard to name a professional wrestler who was as over with a crowd as “The Underdog from the Underground” was in Montreal. If there was ever a time to break with the plan and give the people what they want, this might very much be it, Triple H.