And just like that, with three little letters, Solo Sikoa pulled fans even further into The Bloodline's story without so much as having to mention The Rock, Roman Reigns, or The Usos by name.

After watching AJ Styles punch his ticket to Backlash in France on the first Saturday in May, Sikoa arrived at the arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for the latest edition of Friday Night SmackDown, and as per usual, he was met by the “Wise Man,” Paul Heyman, only this time, the “Street Champ” wasn't looking for advice from the WWE Hall of Famer but instead the whereabouts of Kevin Owens, the former SmackDown Champion who insulted him the week before. Connecting with Tama Tonga, a man he described as his MFT – what, you may ask, is an MFT? Nobody seems to know – the faction went about their business on the Blue Brand, at least until later in the show, when they decided to link up once more after coming up short in their pursuits.

Reconvening backstage shortly before their planned in-ring promo time, Heyman apologized for his inability to find KO, even if he wasn't 100 percent sure why they were looking for him in the first place.

“Listen, I'm sorry that we can't find Kevin Owens, but he has to be here, look at the time,” Paul Heyman told Solo Sikoa. “Solo, we're going to find him, I mean, he has to be somewhere in this locker room. Solo? Solo! I'm not trying to piss you off. Please believe me, the last person on this planet I want to piss off is you. But respectfully, Solo, you're making decisions that are not yours to be made… yet. One day, these will all be your exclusive decisions but now now, not here. These are decisions that can only be made by one man.”

“Are you done yet? Are you?” Sikoa responded.

“Is your MFT coming with us?” Heyman asked.

Unfortunately for Heyman, he would not get his answer, at least not in the moment, as Sikoa is more of a man of action than your traditional wordsman. Still, that didn't stop Sikoa from matching down to the ring to express The Bloodline's plans anyway, as even if Heyman isn't 100 percent certain what direction the faction is heading in anymore, as he can presumably no longer call Reigns since his special phone is broken, they can still come together as one heck of an act.

Solo Sikoa is building a new family inside The Bloodline's ranks.

After making fans at home and in Pittsburgh alike sit through an entire commercial break's worth of anticipation, Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman – but critically not Tama Tonga – were finally afforded a chance to discuss the state of The Bloodline after last week's bombshell expulsion of Jimmy Uso.

Would Sikoa provide fans with some new insight into how he's getting his orders from the “Tribal Chief?” And who even is the “Tribal Chief” he's talking about, be it Reigns or someone else, from The Rock to an elder like his father or even Haku, the father of Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, or Haku? Either way, with the mic in Heyman's hands, the “Wise Man” addressed the crowd like he often down

“Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I don't know if there's a list of the most brilliant backstage maneuvering politicians in the history of WWE, but if there were such a list, I would have to think that I would be in the top (one),” Paul Heyman noted with his finger, which caused the crowd to cheer. “Right? So permit me, with Solo's permission, to explain to you the backstage politics that's going on right now within The Bloodline, the premier act in the history of WWE. Ladies and gentlemen, I assure you as the ‘Wise Man' for…”

Disenchanted by the statements of his “Wise Man,” Sikoa took the mic and discussed his issues himself, even if the crowd wasn't too keen on the idea.

“Last week, I had to lose a brother in order for me to find a new one, my MFT, Tama Tonga,” Solo Sikoa declared through the boos of the crowd.

On cue, the MFT – which, again, doesn't have a definition – emerged from the back with a bloody KO and continued to beat down on him in front of a shocked SmackDown audience. While Owens still got his shots in, in the end, this was a true blue Anoa'i-Fatu beatdown like oh so many before it, and even if Heyman isn't 100 percent sold on what the faction is up to at the moment, it's clear things are brewing up inside The Bloodline in the most interesting way.