After taking the biggest loss of his career at WrestleMania 40 against Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns was not at SmackDown in Detroit, Michigan, but that didn't stop Paul Heyman and his loyal accolades, Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa, from appearing on the show, with the “Street Champ” taking issue with the group losing their locker room, which, as the newest member of the WWE Hall of Fame noted, is a consequence of The Bloodline's loss in South Philadelphia.

Taking the ring a few segments later after Rhodes was handed the champion's spot at the top of the card, Heyman addressed his “Tribal Chief's” big loss at the “Showcase of the Immortals,” noting that, after everything that happened in Philadelphia, the faction is willing to accept their loss without protest.

“Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman. Tonight, by orders of the Tribal Chief, I offer no excuses about what happened at WrestleMania; we don't blame John Cena, we don't blame The Rock, we don't even blame Jey Uso. Ladies and gentlemen, accountability is a very big word on the Island of Relevance, and your ‘Tribal Chief,' Roman Reigns, has ordered that we accept accountability,” Paul Heyman revealed to the SmackDown crowd in Detroit, Michigan, as Solo Sikoa scowled.

“At WrestleMania 39, what happened? Roman Reigns entered the ring focused; Roman Reigns entered the ring strategically, and Roman Reigns entered the ring unemotional. Cody Rhodes took the ball off just for one second, he was distracted by Solo, admittedly, that was Cody Rhodes' fault for not preparing for Solo to distract him and what happened? Just like that, your Tribal Chief took advantage and successfully defended the title.

“At WrestleMania 40, Cody Rhodes flipped the script on Roman Reigns. What did Seth Rollins say? Seth Rollins is a ‘Visionary;' Seth Rollins told the truth. Seth Rollins said to Cody Rhodes, ‘ I will be your Shield,' the one piece of unfinished business in Roman Reigns' life. So when Roman Reigns had a chair in his hand at WrestleMania 40, and he could have smashed Cody with it, legal, Bloodline Rules, he didn't. Why? Because after ten years of waiting for revenge on Seth Rollins, for waiting on revenge of that betrayal in and of the Shield, Roman Reigns gave in to temptation. Roman Reigns was distracted by his lust for revenge on Seth Rollins, so he took his eye off the ball, (and) Cody Rhodes was prepared; Cody Rhodes was strategic; Cody Rhodes was focused; Cody Rhodes was ready, and like that, it was over. Ladies and gentlemen, your new Undisputed Champion is Cody Rhodes. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, your ‘Tribal Chief' R…”

After becoming more and more agitated with each passing line, Sikoa cut him off, taking the microphone for himself.

“Losing and winning matters, right?” Solo Sikoa asked. “So there's consequences to losing, right? So that means consequences need change.”

As Heyman looked on in horror, Sikoa walked over to his older brother and backed him into a corner. Protesting what looked like a horrible situation, Uso was instead hugged by the youngest son of Rikishi, leaving him with a simple message.

“You're my brother. I love you,” Solo said.

As Solo turned his back on Uso, a masked man absolutely decimated Uso in the corner of the ring, removing his disguise to reveal it was none other than Tama Tonga, the son of Haku and former tag team partner of Tanga Loa in the Gorillas of Destiny. Heyman attempted to call Roman Reigns on his phone, but this, too, proved futile, as Sikoa knocked it onto the ground and smashed it into smithereens, effectively ending any chance that the “Head of the Table” would be able to relay messages to his faction from his home in Florida.

A Bloodline coup? Well, a later segment might have given fans that very answer.

Tama Tonga and Solo Sikoa are taking orders from the “Tribal Chief.”

Standing in front of the WWE medical room, Kalya Braxton attempted to get a word in with Paul Heyman, who must have received very not good news from the doctors. Asked if Jimmy Uso would be okay, Heyman didn't have a chance to respond, as Tama Tonga corned him against the door and sent him a message.

“By orders of the “Tribal Chief,'” Tama Tonga announced.

As Sikoa walked Tonga away with a smile, Heyman attempted to comprehend what just happened.

“What the h*ll does that mean?” Heyman asked.

… so, like, what the h*ll does that mean? Is Sikoa looking to become the new “Tribal Chief” after Reigns didn't capitalize on his interference on Night 2 of WrestleMania 40? Or is there someone – read The Rock – behind all of this, pulling the string until a later date when more is revealed? Either way, with Jacob Fatu reportedly already signed to WWE, it looks like this new Bloodline isn't fully formed just yet and might just have a few more surprises for fans to enjoy.