One week removed from his decision to reunite The Usos instead of sticking it out as a singles star with Solo Sikoa, Roman Reigns, and Paul Heyman, Jimmy, and Jey Uso decided to address the WWE Universe in order to explain why they effectively dashed The Bloodline once and for all.

After some semantic adjustments, with Jey still calling the group The Bloodline instead of simply The Usos, Rikishi's oldest sons decided to get down to the task at hand and really unload on their cousin, their younger brother, and the man they like least of all, Paul E. Dangerously.

“I love you to Jimmy. And just like Roman Reigns, we still love you too, Uce. We do. You're the ‘Tribal Chief.' For three years we were in the trenches with you. I did everything you told me to do, Uce. You told us to jump high, we're gonna jump. You told us to go low and we gonna go low. We'll always forgive you, but where you messed up at, Uce, is that you disrespected me and my brother,” Jey said.

“We were obviously raised on respect. Respect is huge. It's not about falling in line, we fell in line, and when we did, we became the most dominant faction in WWE. Now that was run with respect. And once you showed us that we ain't worth nothing, once you started to show my brother that he ain't worth nothing, well guess what, Roman? Your a** is left on the Island of Relevancy all alone. No, no, no, no, no, hold on, you and the biggest snake of them all, Uce,” Jimmy said.

Hmm, the biggest snake of them all? Now whoever could that be?

… oh yeah, Paul Heyman; it's definitely Paul Heyman.

The Usos plan to take The Bloodline back to the penitentiary.

Slicing back into the conversation, The Usos turned their attention on Paul Heyman, who they believe is the wedge tearing their family apart and poisoning the minds of two men they spent their entire lives around.

“Real talk, you don't even sound like you, big Uce. You're blood, we can always forgive you, but what we can't forgive is the wolf on the outside of the house, you feel me? The ones who are on the outside of the circle, you feel me? It's sort of like rats; if you start following rats, if you run with rats, they lead to snakes, and the biggest snake of them all is that dude Paul Heyman,” Jey said.

“Yeah, for forty years, you want to claim that you have the utmost respect for our family; for forty years, you said you met us when we were four years old, how much you loved us and respected us. But how could you? How could you take orders from somebody that would draw a wedge between two brothers that would build on nothing but love and respect for each other,” Jimmy said.

“And now we've got to get on y'all. Now, we go to London and we gonna go to war with our family; a war in The Bloodline. So with that being said though, you're looking at the best tag team in the game. Foreal, you're looking at the best tag team in the world. This ain't no singles competition, Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns, man, let me talk to ya. On July 1st in London, O2 at Money in the Bank, it's lockdown; Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns, welcome to The Uso penitentiary!” Jey said.

Oh snap, is this really how things are going to go down? Are The Usos really going to try to win back Reigns and Sikoa and convince the duo that Heyman is actually their biggest problem? Or will they learn like oh so many others have before them, that Heyman is more of a mouthpiece than a criminal mastermind, and he's more concerned with staying in the “Tribal Chief's” good graces than trying to push some secret agenda while putting the wool over the eyes of arguably the most dominant man in WWE today? Only time will tell, but after everything The Bloodline has been through over the past three years, it's hard to imagine that “The Bloodline Civil War” at Money in the Bank is going to be an even battle of wills, with Heyman likely scheming something up to give Reigns and Sikoa some sort of an advantage before they fall to 0-2 as a tag team at Premium Live Events.