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Xbox Series X/S smoking at launch?

The Xbox Series X/S just launched, and many people are already saying it’s having serious problems.

It’s normal for a new console’s launch for people to claim all sorts of hardware problems. But Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S was the subject of a very serious rumor. Based on some videos posted on social media such as this one, the Xbox Series X/S overheats and smokes.

However, Microsoft was quick to point out that this was actually a hoax. They acknowledged that while there have been reports of actual technical issues, this wasn’t one of them.

Is the Xbox Series X/S overheating issue a hoax?

Upon confirming that the video is a hoax, Microsoft issued a quick statement, advising people not to blow vape smoke into their systems.

It appears that people have been blowing vape smoke at the bottom of their Xbox Series X/S. With the console’s on, it brings the smoke up, giving the “overheating” effect on the Xbox Series X/S. The vertical design, along with the holes on top of the console lends very well to the illusion.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has acknowledged a plethora of issues for their new console, and have committed to providing service for all defective units.

Of all the complaints received by Microsoft, one of the most prevalent issues concerns the disc drive. The console’s disc drive was reportedly making too much noise while playing.

Another common complaint from people involves a weird “farting” sound made by the console. While this issue doesn’t seem to be serious, it’s still an annoyance some have to endure.

Microsoft reassured future buyers that these incidents are exceptions, rather than the rule. They explained that they commit to international quality standards and that users who experience serious issues can expect help from their customer support team.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s rival Sony releases the PlayStation 5 today. According to Sony, the new console will only be available through online purchases at launch.

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