Aaron Boone and the New York Yankees may still be at the top of the AL East standings but their recent slump might be a point of concern. They have split their last five games and just came off a big 9-3 loss to the Boston Red Sox. Now, the Aaron Judge-led squad has a new headache to deal with as Anthony Rizzo went down before their crucial matchup against the Baltimore Orioles.

The Yankees might be without Anthony Rizzo for an estimated four to six weeks, per The Athletic.  Aaron Boone's first baseman suffered a fracture to his right arm's radial neck. On the bright side, he will not need any sort of surgery. He just needs time along with medication so that he gets back to play with the Yankees. But, he could not have suffered the injury at a worse time.

Aaron Judge and Aaron Boone's Yankees are about to face the rapidly rising Orioles next. Whoever wins this three-game series might notch the top spot in the AL East. To put it into perspective, the Yankees are still leading with 50 wins for the season but they have only notched five wins out of their last 10 matchups. The Orioles, on the other hand, have won eight of their last 10 despite and are only 1.5 games back from their AL East rivals.

Rizzo's effectiveness in batting as well as his control over the first base would have been very useful for the Orioles series. Now, the Yankees have to use DJ Lemahieu at first base and move Oswaldo Cabrera to third. It is worth noting that both of these individuals are not playing their usual positions. So, there needs to be a lot of adjustments in schemes and movements that Aaron Boone needs to orient them with.

What happened to the Yankees' first baseman?

Jun 16, 2024; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; New York Yankees first baseman Anthony Rizzo (48) trips on Boston Red Sox pitcher Brennan Bernardino (not pictured) and rolls on the ground during the seventh inning at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports
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It was in the seventh inning when the Yankees faithful's jaws unclenched. Rizzo was trying to secure a ground ball but Brenna Bernardino was also doing the same. Unfortunately, he clashed with the Red Sox reliever and fell down. He was not quick to get up after the unfortunate incident. A few of the Yankees staff had to fetch Rizzo before he eventually headed out of the game.

Judge saw how Rizzo grimaced in pain during the Red Sox game. He even outlined his emotions after learning of the tough injury that the first baseman has to endure.

You never like seeing someone coming out of a game and getting injured. Once we get an idea of what’s going on with him, he’s right back out there doing his thing. Past couple of games, past week or so, guy’s been swinging the bat well, coming up with some big hits. Had the homer versus Kansas City earlier. We’re going to miss him, but I think the first thing is health.

A lot is riding on this Orioles series and it will determine the Yankees' status prior to the postseason. They might be getting Gerrit Cole but with no Rizzo helping them out, it will be a tough three-game battle to win.