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The New York Yankees had a disappointing season last year as they finished in fourth place in the AL East. The division was absolutely loaded, and the Yankees still did finish with a winning record, but with the talent they have, they should be making the playoffs. That is the goal in 2024, and Aaron […]

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Yankees' Aaron Boone eyes popping out looking at Corbin Burnes in an Orioles uniform.
Yankees' Aaron Boone handing a piece of paper to Yankees' Aaron Judge, Yankees' Juan Soto. On the paper, write the following: 2024 LINEUP
Yankees Aaron Boone and Pat Roessler
Red Sox’s Jonathan Papelbon breathing fire at Yankees' Alex Verdugo.
Aaron Judge, Yankees
Photo: Aaron Boone with peeping eyes looking at Yoshinobu Yamamoto in Yankees jersey
Baseball manager Brad Ausmus and New York Yankee manager Aaron Boone
Brian Cashman spoke on Gerrit Colewinning the Cy Young Award, as did Aaron Boone.
Former Chicago Cubs manager David Ross in the foreground, wearing a New York Yankees uniform. Question marks all around him in the background.
Need an image of Yankees' Aaron Judge bunting a baseball.
Aaron Boone and the Yankees are at the center of the MLB rumor mill as they try to get Juan Soto then shop Ben Rortvedt and Kyle Higashioka
Brian Cashman, Aaron Boone, Hal Steinbrenner, Yankees
New York Yankees, Aaron Boone, Aaron Boone contract, Aaron Boone firing
Aaron Boone, New York Yankees, Aaron Boone contract, Aaron Boone firing
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Aaron Boone, Aaron Judge, Brian Cashman, New York Yankees
Aaron Boone, New York Yankees
Yankees, Aaron Boone
Aaron Boone, Aaron Judge, New York Yankees