Young Wizards fan cries on camera after seeing 76ers are leading
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Young Wizards fan cries on camera after seeing 76ers are leading

It certainly has not been a good start for the Washington Wizards so far this season. Three of their starters, John Wall, Bradley Beal and Marcin Gortat have all spoken publicly about their frustrations of the team. Gortat even went as far as calling their bench one of the worst in the league.

It also does not help their cause that they currently have a 3-8 record which is tied for second-worst in the Eastern Conference. The team added to their woes as they lost their third-straight game on Wednesday against the lowly Philadelphia 76ers.

If there was one scene that would sum up all the tough times the franchise has been going through, it was when a young Wizards fan was captured on camera and saw the game’s score on Wednesday. What followed was both heartbreaking and hard to watch.

Young fans such as this kid look up to their favorite basketball players as their heroes. It’s hard to imagine how difficult it is for him to see his team lose this much but the good news for the Washington faithful is all is not yet lost for them as they still have 72 more games to play this season to try and turn their fortunes around.

They do have a competitive lineup and the right amount of experience to string some wins together and get out of the deep hole they are in right now. If they do so, they might just put a smile back to the face of their young die-hard fan.

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