YouTube user makes Joel Embiid cameo in WWE 2K17
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YouTube user makes Joel Embiid cameo in WWE 2K17

joel embiid

If it wasn’t enough to have a 6-foot-11 running back in Madden like DeMarcus Cousins, or an unstoppable 6-foot-8 wide receiver like LeBron James now that Calvin Johnson has retired from the NFL — we now have the next pro wrestling sensation in Joel Embiid.

At least on the form of a video game, in WWE 2K17, that is.

YouTube user hillman811 made a head-to-toe lookalike of the Philadelphia 76ers rookie, going the full mile with the team’s classic anthem “Here come the Sixers.”

Not only does the 7-footer make a great-looking pro wrestler with the haircut and the intimidating look, but the pyrotechnics and his overall charisma are so on point, that he pulls it off smoothly.

Can you smell what The Process is cooking?

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