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2 best trades Jets must make before 2021 NFL Trade Deadline

New York Jets Trades, 2021 NFL Trade Deadline

Coming off a deflating loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday, it would be a massive understatement to say that the New York Jets have had a rough go of it this season. In his first season as an NFL head coach, this definitely was not the start Robert Saleh was hoping for. Especially after all the success he had as the defensive coordinator for the 49ers over the past several years.

Zach Wilson’s continued struggles haven’t made things easy for the Jets offense and have only continued to pour salt in the wound. As they continue searching for answers and looking for ways to turn around what’s already been a miserable season, let’s take a look at the two best trades the Jets must make prior to the 2021 NFL trade deadline.

Potential Jets Trades at 2021 NFL Trade Deadline

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Deshaun Watson 

This is, it is worth noting, if the Dolphins trade falls apart. 

With Wilson’s season long struggles and the Jets running a horribly inefficient offense through their first seven games, it’s clear that their rookie quarterback isn’t quite ready for the spotlight. Making a trade for Deshaun Watson would revitalize their offense and give them one of the best dual-threat quarterbacks in the league.

Watson be able to further utilize his skillsets in Mike LaFleur’s offensive schemes and transform the Jets into one of the NFL’s most dynamic offenses. Under the guidance of Saleh and LaFleur, Watson could have one of the best year’s of his career while bringing the Jets back to postseason relevance and reminding everyone of his superstar talent.

Allen Robinson

Currently in the midst of one of the worst statistical years of his career, Allen Robinson may be due for a change of scenery. Now leaving one losing situation for another may seem like a crazy move, but considering how much he would bolster the Jets passing game, this is a move that would benefit both parties.

Outside of Jamison Crowder, the Jets don’t possess any real playmakers or deep threats in their receiving corps. Robinson would check off both of those boxes and give them another savvy veteran that could improve their offense. Who knows, playing in New York may rejuvenate Robinson and snap him out of the current funk he’s been in all season long.

As they continuously search for answers on offense, the Jets should look into acquiring some help in their passing game ahead of the November 3rd deadline and bolster their offensive depth chart. This would be an ideal move for them if they want to slowly start turning things around before it’s too late.

These are two players that could really give the Jets a ton of help and give their offense a much-needed boost as things have started to look very bleak for them with no clear solution in sight. If they are to climb out of the bottom spot in the AFC East, then these are both needs they should look into addressing before the deadline passes. Otherwise they’ll continue to struggle and who knows if they’ll be able to get their act together in time for a late-season playoff run.