The Philadelphia 76ers put up a strong fight but it wasn't enough to steal a win away from the New York Knicks in Game 1 of their NBA Playoffs series. Joel Embiid suffered an injury scare but was able to return after halftime. Additionally, Tyrese Maxey was stellar, as usual. They'll aim to get back in the win column in Game 2, but in the meantime, we take a look at the three 76ers most to blame for the Game 1 loss.

Philly has the firepower to bounce back from this tough loss. But some changes may have to be made moving forward. Especially now with the NBA Playoffs in full swing. The Knicks out-rebounded the 76ers 55-33, which is a massive problem that must be addressed. That very well could have been the difference that swayed the game in New York's favor.

Even so, two players stand out as the most to blame for the 76ers loss. Additionally, the coaching staff should take a long hard look in the mirror as well. With that said, here are our three 76ers most to blame for the Game 1 loss to the Knicks.

Tobias Harris

Tobias Harris helped a ton on the boards as he led Philadelphia in rebounds with nine. However, he didn't do much else outside of that. The veteran forward put up a measly seven points after shooting 3-7 from the field. There are rumors the 76ers are not going to re-sign him in the offseason, but now is the time for Harris to prove his worth for the future. He didn't show it on Saturday night and could be in line for a bigger performance in Game 2.

Buddy Hield

Where in the world was Buddy Hield in this one? He played just 11 minutes off the bench and only took one shot. Hield didn't record a single stat outside of a lone assist and was just not helpful for the 76ers. It's a shame too, as Buddy Hield has the talent to be a great sixth-man for this Philadelphia team. Maybe he can bounce back but he's going to have to play much more aggressively in the playoffs.

Nick Nurse

Nobody on the bench played well in Game 1 and it showed. The bench combined for just seven points, seven rebounds, two assists, and three blocks. That's not going to cut it in the postseason as the starting lineup needs a lot more production from the rotational players. But Nick Nurse might be the most to blame here. Nic Batum was the only bench player to record over 20 minutes of playing time. Additionally, guys like KJ Martin and Mo Bamba didn't even see the court.

Hopefully, Nurse makes some changes to the rotation as the 76ers could largely benefit with fresh legs coming off the bench. Look for the 76ers to potentially switch things up as they aim to tie up the series in Game 2.

Can the 76ers make a deep playoff run?

Joel Embiid
Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes down to it the 76ers simply have a much more talented team than a regular No. 7 seed would have. Joel Embiid is one of, if not, the best players in the league. On top of that, Tyrese Maxey has emerged as an elite point guard. Philadelphia also has plenty of solid options around their superstars so it's not crazy to think this team can bounce back against the Knicks.

The main concern is Embiid's health. He's had a string of bad luck throughout his career during the playoffs and the 76ers can't afford to lose their star center. Luckily, the injury scare on Saturday was just that and he was able to finish the game. But all eyes are on Embiid for Game 2.

If Joel Embiid can remain healthy then the 76ers will always have a fighting chance. Philadelphia hasn't had many games where both Embiid and Maxey are on the court at the same time, but when they do, Philly is an extremely tough team to defeat. It's not outside of the realm of possibilities for Philly to go on a deep playoff run but health is the main concern.