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3 best options for Thunder at No. 18 in 2021 NBA Draft

The Oklahoma City Thunder have been stockpiling NBA draft picks over the past few seasons and have plenty this year. They are in the midst of a rebuild and have acquired numerous picks in return for star players.

This NBA draft will be vital in building around star guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

The Thunder may not be ready to make the playoffs next season, but they can build up a young core. They have 3 first-round picks in this year’s draft that can be building blocks for the future.

Here are the 3 best options for the Thunder at No. 18 in the 2021 NBA Draft.

Thunder NBA draft targets:

3. Guard Ziaire Williams

Ziaire Williams is a prospect with a ton of potential. He is not the most NBA-ready player at this spot, but his unreal potential is worth the risk. The Thunder have an abundance of first-round picks in the coming years and it is worth taking a chance on a player like this.

Williams averaged 10.7 points per game on inefficient shooting. While he struggled in his one year of college ball, he showed his potential back in high school. He was a top 10 prospect coming out of a high school as a versatile wing. What makes Williams coveted is his great athleticism and his ability to play both guard and forward.

If the Thunder selects Williams, they are getting a player with sky-high potential.

2. Center Charles Bassey

Charles Bassey may not be a household name, but he projects to be a great player. He averaged 17.6 points per game along with 11.6 rebounds and 3.1 blocks. Bassey didn’t go to a big college but proved that he could be a reliable center for a team. The Thunder don’t have a traditional center on the roster and drafting Bassey would fix that.

He may take some time to develop but could be a starting center in the near future.

1. Guard Keon Johnson

Keon Johnson is a player that would make an instant impact for the Thunder. He was a phenomenal defender in his freshman season at Tennessee. Johnson has a ton of room to grow on the offensive end especially when it comes to shooting, but he is a great overall prospect. He averaged 11.3 points per game and had a great NBA Combine.

Johnson is a dynamic player that plays with great energy and athleticism. He is great at finishing at the rim but needs to develop a jump shot to become an all-around offensive player.

If the Thunder take Johnson, they will be getting a player that fits well alongside Gilgeous-Alexander.

Thunder’s future ahead

The Thunder have a lot riding on this draft as it is their chance to add core pieces to the team. They have a young star in Gilgeous-Alexander that the Thunder need to build around going forward. The team has gathered some great young players already that can play a role. It is up to the front office to pair Gilgeous-Alexander with a future star to complete the rebuild.

They have 18 first-round and 18 second-round picks over the next 7 years. These picks can turn into young players in the draft as well as trade pieces. If a star becomes available, the Thunder can make an intriguing offer due to the abundance of future draft picks.

The future looks bright for this Thunder team and it all starts with this draft.